More Thoughts about Music and Drumming Part 2

....A family member of mine, an engineer, about 30 years old, just returned from a concert. I asked him if the group was good? He said, "They were could feel the heat from the fireworks in the tenth row!" I was appalled, what did that have to do with the music?

Obviously we were not communicating. He was listening with his sense of touch! People also listen with their eyes and confuse musicianship with entertainment. 

If we are going to improve as musicians, drummers and as an audience we need to concentrate on our musical senses. Ears! 

A great musician, Alan Dawson used to say that, ... "we are all musicians and our instrument is merely instrumental." So our goal should be making great music by expressing the music through our instruments, in my case the drums. Not the look of the drums, not the color of the drums, not the light reflecting off of the drums but only the sound expressed from the drums. Listeners should be focused on the musical sounds as well.

Let’s digest these ideas for awhile…I have much more to say on the subject.

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