Comments on Music and Drumming Part 1

To better ourselves as musicians it is important that we develop a system of judging ourselves and others. In a perfect world we could study every player, listen to every piece of music, read every music book (even those out of print), watch every video and of course read every issue of DownBeat. We could glean something valuable from every player (after all they are all children of God). However, it is not a perfect world. God created some real jerks! Ignorance is not only bliss but it is abundant and spreading. There is not enough time to study every musical avenue. To evaluate and continue to grow we must define our goals and zero in on our target. Peeling away false impressions and rethinking premises developed in our youth.

Let's start by defining music. According to Webster's Desk Dictionary, music is the art of combining sounds of varying pitch to produce compositions expressive of various ideas and emotions. 

Keep in mind that music is what comes into our ears (sound). A nice tattoo, good boobs, or electric hair does not effect music positively or negatively.

To Be Continued.........

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